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Who do we think we are?


AMBASSADOR, business guru, community champion, doyenne of the arts – I’ve been given each of these labels (and many more besides) at one time or another over three decades of a professional business career by supporters and detractors alike.

But when it comes to a definitive A to Z list of achievements and successes – then hard work, personal sacrifice and a desire to deliver for the common good of all people would be my ‘Top Of The Pops’ hit parade.

Who would I get to spin my top three ‘ethos’ tracks – I’d pick David Jacobs for his all-round product knowledge and longevity on the subject; trance master Dash Berlin because I want to keep as up-to-date as possible with modern trends and ex-Radio 1 disc-jockey and now Deal or No Deal TV host Noel Edmonds for his fun and spirit of joie de vivre in a world which has become so much more complex than those far-off, carefree days of my childhood.


A political animal who veers away from being PC (politically correct), I’m for PC not Macs in computer-speak; it’s Facebook and Twitter, not MySpace; for the real communications’ lifeline an iphone contract, not pay-as-you-go; satellite, not cable; if I had time DVDs, not Blu-ray; Porsche, not posh; on drink it’s wine not whine; espresso, not decaf; on food, fasting and pulses have their pluses; wheat, not white; turf and surf; Michelin-starred not McDonalds; acoustic, not electric; for trade it’s domestic and import as a last resort; jog in the fog, not pedal, stirrup or side saddle; and definitely the best of both worlds in town and country.


Born in Walsall, when it was part of a much broader ‘church’ of Staffordshire, I had a parish of one to look after – myself.

By the start of 2013 I’d seen the number of constituents who look to my guardianship rise to 1.3 million after becoming the deputy police and crime commissioner at the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Staffordshire.

My new police and crime enforcer role involves delivering on Staffordshire police and crime commissioner Matthew Ellis’s manifesto pledges following the first nationwide elections on November 15, 2012.

I intend to use my experience of engaging with communities and strong business and human resources skills to help hold the force to account and drive further improvement in policing services across the county.

Working for the community has always been my mantra and the PCC elections means that, for the first time ever, local people – through the ballot box – will be able to bring an individual to task for policing their area and the rest of the county.

I believe that this dramatic new policy – introduced under the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act (2011) –will provide clear accountability and improve trust and confidence in policing.

The new PCC is directly accountable to the residents of Staffordshire – ranked the eighth largest non-metropolitan local authority administration in England and home to nine council areas and 12 members of parliament.

We will be developing a policing plan with local priorities and budget, as well as setting the amount of council tax people pay towards policing.

The PCC is not in charge of day-to-day policing operations, but will set overall strategy and also have the power to appoint and dismiss the Chief Constable. Staffordshire will be able to vote the PCC in, or out, of office at the ballot box every four years.

I am terrifically excited by the prospect of being in the vanguard of a movement which represents an entirely new challenge, not only for Staffordshire but the whole nation.

I cut my political ‘second teeth’ on May 6, 2011 when I was elected as the Lichfield District Council member for the Mease & Tame patch.

I was delighted to be voted in on as the Conservative district councillor for a ward which covers the beautiful villages of Clifton Campville, Comberford, Croxall, Edingale, Elford, Harlaston, Haunton, Hopwas, Thorpe Constantine and Wigginton.

I asked for the Mease & Tame voters’ trust and got it with a landslide victory.

Candidate’s Name




Sue Arnold

Conservative Party 1008 Yes

Penny Bennion

Liberal Democrats 313 No

Roger Phillip Bennion

Liberal Democrats 338 No

Ellen Clare Perkins

Conservative Party 843 Yes

The position of district councillor has been a great honour and I am determined to continue the hard work and determination to be your community activist.

Since being elected I hope I have brought passion, energy and determination to facilitate real change that works for everybody.

I am still vehemently opposed to the proposed blight on our beautiful landscape that is ‘Hogs Hill Wind Farm’ as well as plans for ‘Chickscape’.

As an experienced businesswoman I am renowned for being demanding and challenging and believe I bringing my particular skills and experience to ensure an improved community for the Mease & Tame residents.

I always want to hear from you on the issues and challenges that you face and how I can best represent your views at district and county level.

I don’t want to be the name on a slip of paper where you chose to put a ‘X’ two years ago, I want to be someone you recognise and feel you can approach.

I am attending as many parish council meetings as possible and distributing regular e-newsletters with updates on issues you may have and more importantly how I intend to resolve these for you. It’s all back to actions speaking louder than words.


I won’t bore you with all my long c.v. because I’m a believer that actions certainly speak louder than words.

Communication is a large part of what I am and do – and will continue to strive to achieve representing electorates at local and regional level.

Firmly established as the premier, no-nonsense industry leader in media solutions, Haselour House Media relies on a simple but effective philosophy which places hard work as the root goal to a successful business.

So here are the edited highlights of my career:

  • Currently owner and manager of a local media company
  • Former regional newspaper director for 30 years
  • Ambassador with the Institute of Recruiters (IOR)
  • Past President Southern Staffordshire Chamber (Director)
  • Former chairman of SucceSS (business and professional cluster group)
  • Previous director of British Chambers of Commerce (London)
  • The final chairman of Business Link Staffordshire
  • Former board member and chairman of the Commercial Group on Lichfield Festival Ltd, one of the leading cultural organisations in the Midlands.


I have lived in Harlaston for nearly 13 years with my husband John and son Jonathan. My interests are fitness, reading and cooking.

If you wish to contact regarding a Lichfield District Council matters then  email me at, for the DPCC it is, for all business enquiries it’s or follow me on twitter @haselour or it’s always good to talk . . . 01827 383886 or 07990 553938



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