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10 reasons why you should vote Conservative today to keep David Cameron in No 10 Downing Street as the UK’s ‘first choice’ prime minister.

May 7, 2015

No10WELL, today’s the day when the secrets of all hearts will be revealed, as William Shakespeare once said.

The polling stations in Walsall South extending right across this great land of ours are waiting to be unlocked – as the nation prepares to vote.

As I prepare myself for ELECTION DAY, I’d like you to look at my 10 reasons why you should vote today and put your cross next to the name of a Conservative candidate to ensure the return of David Cameron in No 10 Downing Street in the morning.

Whatever your intentions – please exercise your democratic right and vote at  your allotted polling station.

HAPPY Walsall South Day . . . and here’s your Top Ten reminders which is the SERIOUS side of what you want to happen in the next FIVE YEARS as you place that cross on the ballot paper.

All we ask for is fairer society in which to live and raise our families.


A record three out of four Brits are in work, the highest since records began  . . . that’s 31.05 million people.

Britain enjoyed the fastest growth in the G7 countries last year with 1.75 million more jobs and youth unemployment down by 175,000.

The Conservatives have promised 3 MILLLION new apprentices by 2020


760,000 more business since 2010

Last year the economy of West Midlands added more jobs than the whole of France put together.

In a survey this week of fastest growing companies in the UK, SEVEN out of 10 said the Conservatives had the best policies to support business expansion.


Britain’s hard-working nation is already £28.3billion better off, thanks to Tory tax cuts.

The typical taxpayer has an extra £800-a-year in their pocket since Chancellor George Osborne raised personal allowances from £6,475 to £10,000 between May 2010 and last month.

The best-paid one per cent in the UK is now paying MORE in taxation to the Treasury than ever  . . . 27 per cent of the nation’s income tax.

New laws will free up to ONE MILLION people from income tax if the Conservatives win this election today with tax allowance of £12,500 planned

There will be NO TAX to pay if you are working 30 hours on minimum wage


7,049 extra nurses since 2010

9,500 more NHS doctors since 2010

7-DAY NHS by 2020

£8bn extra NHS funding planned by 202


Conservative administration secured additional increases in state pensions with more to come up to 2020

Unlocked private pension regulations for over 55s


The 2010-15 Conservative administration has built record numbers of low-cost homes and by 2020 we intend to build 400,000 just on brownfield sites alone including 200,000 starter homes

Introduced Help To Buy legislation to assist with FIVE per cent mortgage deposits

Plans for Right To Buy for housing association tenants


Benefits per household to be cut from £26,000 and capped at £23,000

Deliver 30 hours FREE childcare for working parents of 3 and 4-year-olds in  DOUBLING of childcare benefits


Controlled not mass immigration. We believe that immigration brings benefits to Britain – to our economy, our culture and our national life.

Tackling illegal immigration and ensuring that people come here for the right reasons and in the right way.

Cracking down on abuse by clamping down on bogus colleges, tackling sham marriages, and making it harder for people to remain in the country illegally.

Working to prevent the exploitation of migrant workers, we have quadrupled the fine for paying below minimum wage.


It’s down 20 per cent since we came to power in 2010, we’re winning the battle


Let’s not forget.

While we naturally think about our own village, town, city, county or region . . . it’s important to remember the UK capital is being watched the world over as a litmus test of the nation’s health and wealth.

And since 2010 when the Conservatives formed a Coalition government with the Lib Dems then London has seen:

  • 215,000 more businesses
  • 527,000 more jobs
  • Youth unemployment down 59 per cent
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