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WSD (Walsall South Day) is dawning and Thursday May 7 is all about YOU

May 6, 2015

zz call to armsAS I approach the final 24 hours of campaigning to win the Walsall South seat for the Conservatives, it’s worth remembering that the bigger picture for the nation’s vote tomorrow is about the future of the UK and the wellbeing of its people.

What benefits the UK will benefit Walsall South – conversely what happens in our constituency will have an impact on the rest of the country.

The Conservative-led Coalition government under Prime Minister David Cameron has acted in the best interests of the nation.

It has been good for Walsall as well as the nation  with policies that have helped create jobs, reduce crime, improve schools and assist more people to buy their own home.

The government that had to stabilise the economy back in 2010 has helped generate prosperity which in turn protects the vulnerable and brings succour to the needy.

We can NEVER take prosperity as a given.

As I start my last full day of canvassing across the constituency, bear in mind that in the last 48 hours David Cameron has been dashing the length and breadth of country in a 1,300-mile final bid to tell the nation that voting Conservative on Thursday May 7 means MORE jobs, MORE tax cuts and MORE homes for young families.

I’m sure that’s the good news everyone wants to hear as the finishing line of this 2015 general election is in sight.

Walsall South Day (WSD) is dawning and how you cast your precious vote tomorrow is all about YOU.

Thank you all for listening . . . and for all the good wishes and support I’ve received over the past months of the campaign.

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