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Building a better future together . . . that’s the Conservative way

May 4, 2015

9972457-largeIN 35 years of business I’ve always found that there was indelible link between company and community.

One of the proudest achievements of this Tory government over the last five years is in its employment record.

David Cameron’s Coalition achieved an incredible record of creating 1,047 EVERY DAY since 2010 – that’s approaching two million in total.

Labour managed to oversee the LOSS of 25 jobs a day in the their last four years in government.

Business, buoyed by a steadily growing economy which encourages getting the nation back to work, is always keen to help when the call comes.

And here in Walsall we now have a community centre garden – thanks to builders teaming up with a posse of volunteers, made up of local residents.

The result is a fantastic facelift around Pheasey Park Farm Community Centre.

Coleshill-based Bovis Homes have been creating a new part of the community at Nether Hall Park and were happy to assist when an SOS call was sounded by Walsall Conservatives.

The grounds surrounding the community centre were looking rundown, with Japanese knotweed taking over the car park, and the garden areas were looking a barren.

“As a business we are always looking to put something back into the communities in which we build, in addition to the new homes we are delivering,” said Bovis Homes Central region technical director, Daniel Oliver.

The firm kept in close consultation with us and worked to ensure that Nether Hall Park is integrated into the Great Barr community and vice versa.

The Nether Hall Park team funded the refurbishment and arranged for Jack Moody Ltd the landscape contractors to go to work on landscaping the area, planting new shrubs and tackling the dreaded knotweed.

Thank you Bovis Homes  . . . this community investment is very welcome and appreciated.

Building a better future together . . . that’s the Conservative way

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