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This is my promise: I will act to improve your safety

May 3, 2015

Visa-Debit-CardTHE word ‘courier’ linked to the term ‘fraudster’ almost makes this insidious act on today’s electronic highway sound legitimate.

But here’s a serious and important message in the never-ending battle against crime . . . the courier fraudsters are at work in Walsall.

Please warn friends and neighbours alike – particularly the elderly or vulnerable – to be on their guard against bogus telephone callers.

And a 69-year-old man from the Hatherton area of Walsall has become a victim – with an estimated £1,100 taken from his bank accounts.

The scam sees offenders posing as detectives and using scare stories – often claims that the person’s bank account has been hacked – in order to persuade their targets into handing over account security details, including PIN numbers, and bank cards.

Tricksters then despatch a courier to collect the cards and, armed with PIN numbers, victims’ savings are raided.

In this latest case a man has contacted his victim by telephone and stated he was a police officer who had arrested an offender who was in possession of two cloned bank cards which bore the victim’s details.

The victim was advised to contact his bank immediately. Believing he had ended the call, the victim then contacted what he thought was his bank, however has instead provided a number of personal details, including bank card PIN numbers, to an offender who had remained on the line.

About 45 minutes later a male ‘courier’ called at the victim’s address to collect two bank cards which were used to fraudulently withdraw money from various cash machines.

To protect yourself against courier fraud, the police ask you to remember:

  • Your bank or police will never send a courier to your home to collect bank cards or cash
  • Your bank or police will never ask for your PIN number
  • If you receive one of these calls end it immediately.

Always report fraudulent calls to the police by dialling 101, however if possible call from a different telephone – the fraudster may still be on the line.

For those who are particularly vulnerable, call blocking or number recognition devices may help to prevent them receiving such calls.

As Staffordshire’s deputy police and crime commissioner for nearly three years – I am involved helping with innovative solutions in the war against the criminal, always putting the interests of the victim first.

Sadly only 37 per cent of businesses are reporting crime.

From my perspective – if elected as your MP on Thursday I will always act in your best interests to improve your safety.

We must make Walsall a safer place for our children and the business fraternity

Walsall Police have also warned motorists that there is a blanket ban on ‘car cruising’ – in response to local people’s concerns about noise and road safety.

The police have said that some cruisers think they’ve been forgotten about –  but more patrols have been organised using marked and unmarked law enforcement cars.

The police are also continuing to monitor CCTV cameras covering key locations and will act on calls from the public reporting nuisance to target patrols.

In the last 48 hours six people from Walsall, Shifnal and Telford who were travelling in four cars have been reported to the courts for breaching the cruising order when officers intercepted a convoy.

All were stopped driving away from Asda, Black Country New Road, Great Bridge where local people had earlier reported to police cars gathering and speeding around while spectators watched.


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