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Canvassing. . . it can be as intimidating as facing a quickie at Lord’s

April 19, 2015
HOWZAT FOR OPENERS?  Myself and MEP Daniel Dalton

HOWZAT FOR OPENERS? Myself and MEP Daniel Dalton

I make it 18 days to the most important General Election for this country since the end of World War II.

Canvassing is part and parcel of the all wannabe and actual politicians —  earnestly striving to connect with the electorate as polling approaches.

This week saw me “out on the knock” with someone who knows what it’s like to stare down the barrel of a loaded gun — in this case a fast bowler ready to leave you quivering in your protective head-gear as you face the opening ball of a new innings.

THE TEAM: Rarin' to go

THE TEAM: Rarin’ to go

I was joined on the doorstep of Walsall South homes by none other than former Warwickshire, Kent and Gloucestershire cricketer Daniel Dalton —an all-rounder who often opened the innings, especially in the limited-overs version of the beautiful game and played alongside current England batting legend Ian Bell.

Retired now, Daniel tells me he learned that there are new challenges to overcome — this time as West Midlands Conservative MEP in Brussels.

The ‘opposition’ comes in a different form but the question can be just as effective as a quick bowler’s yorker or a leg spinner’s ‘wrong ‘un’.


HAT-TRICK: Daniel Dalton, Jaimal Mistry, right, and myself at Ambur FM

HAT-TRICK: Daniel Dalton, Jaimal Mistry, right, and myself at Ambur FM

The MEP, whose constituency stretches from the East of England to the Welsh border, has a key aim in terms of repatriation of powers to the UK, and a reformed relationship with the EU.

Daniel will oppose new legislation which increases the EU’s powers or increases the cost of doing business in Europe, he explains.

We had an engaging afternoon with our local election candidate colleagues, finishing off with a visit to Ambur FM in the vain hope of meeting visiting star Gurdas Maan.

My hectic timetable proved my undoing with seeing him. Although I was caught out least I got the chance to say hello again to talented Ambur radio presenter and choreographer Jaimal Mistry who I last saw on Diwali.

They say you’re in until you’re out at cricket . . . I’m hoping to carry my bat on May 7!

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