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I promise to pay the ‘bearer’ (the good people of Walsall South) more than full value for putting their trust in me

April 9, 2015

0  30 03 15 BLOG

IT’S four weeks today to Walsall South’s own version of Groundhog Day – the 15 or so hours when the good people of this parliamentary constituency have the opportunity to glimpse into the future and, unlike the film, can take a firm grip on their own destiny.

As Old Father Time (it could just as easily be Old Mother Time) counts down to Thursday, May 7 – the date chosen five years ago for the UK’s 2015 General Election – there has been plenty to remind me of what has gone before and what is still to come for WSD (Walsall South Day).

1  30 03 15 john batmobileThe images above are a snapshot of this campaign journey  . . . from my dear husband John’s daily routine of washing the Batmobile and making my election rosette (what would I do without him?) to delivering my election boards with one of the tireless supporting team, Councillor Rose Martin.

One thing’s for sure, there’s no turning back now. . . my nomination papers have been lodged with the electoral office.

And with the Grand National almost upon us (Aintree, this Saturday), my election agent Peter Washbrook – the man legally responsible for my campaign – was there to bear witness to my entry into General Election Maiden Stakes!

3  election boardsLike the pledge on the old green £1 note – I made a promise, not only to myself to but to all the constituents of Walsall South, when I started on this campaign journey.

I promised to give the ‘bearer’ full value of myself and from myself.

And as we go into the final stages of the race to return a Conservative-led government on May 7, I have signed a ‘contract’ with the people of Walsall South and tasked myself to do the following things if elected.

  • Firstly I will give 10 per cent of my Mp salary to Walsall South charities
  • Be visible and fight for Walsall South in parliament, securing the town a better deal
  • Communicate regularly with constituents through surgeries
  • Be a voice to challenge at local, regional and national level whenever the polict conflicts with the ‘best interests’ of Walsall South.

NOMINATOIPNI plan to fight the Walsall South corner on issues that mean most to you – NHS, pensions, employment, tax, immigration and housing – with a drive and determination to get results.

My background means I know the town and its problems well, a knowledge that grew when I set up and ran the Walsall Advertiser for many years.

My focus is firmly on Walsall people and Walsall concerns. I have a dream and a commitment to make the town the best it can be.

It is a personal honour to be chosen to stand in South Walsall and if elected I pledge to channel my energies to make that difference to your lives – to ensure your problems are heard and actioned.

4 Sue ArnoldI will be listening because what you say counts.

I know how important it is to be heard and will work closely with individuals and businesses, understanding the vital concerns affecting ordinary working people who are the backbone of this town.

My strong social values mean I will work tirelessly to create a flourishing environment in which all have the opportunity to grow and propser.

Together we can do it – we can win WS Day.

I promise to pay the ‘bearer’ (the good people of Walsall South) more than full value for putting their trust in me

P S I welcome your views at any time, feel free to contact (in strictest confidence) on

phone: 01922 513534


twitter: @sue4walsallsth

facebook: sue4walsallsouth


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