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Walsall in gridlock . . . why are we waiting in Operation You Queue?

March 29, 2015

WALSALL Council has announced it expects “at least another six months” delay in finishing the roadworks around Bentley Mill Way.

To me, and undoubtedly to thousands of people trying to go about their daily business of getting to work or running the vital wheels of industry, it’s another example a Labour-controlled local authority that adopts a ‘silo’ approach to every plan.

If you look – and there’s plenty of time to observe in the horrendous traffic jams in and around Walsall – the town is gridlocked.

From the closures of junction 9 on the M6 and Bescot Road to the trials and trails of vehicles surrounding Bentley Mill Way, why are we burying our heads in old-fashioned bunkers instead of adopting a braver, joined-up approach to dealing with public agencies?

We know there’s less money around but that doesn’t mean we’ve got to sit back and be content with accepting Operation You Queue.

Now is the time for a 21st century take on keeping our communities running smoothly – by forming strategic cross agency groups in an innovative way and getting services to work more effectively together towards common goals.

On May 7 you have the chance to start the process of freeing Walsall of its ‘gridlocked political mentality’.

By voting for me as the Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate for Walsall South and returning the Conservatives to power at Walsall Town Hall – I promise that we can deliver efficient and timely solutions to your problems.

As someone who was born and bred in the town – I’m here as the LOCAL girl to be a LOCAL champion and to stand up for the LOCAL communities.

Help me run the slow coaches out of town  . . .

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