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Let’s see Sikh war memorial as true ‘statue of liberty’ for us all

March 22, 2015

SikhTHEY gave their all for king, country and empire 100 years ago and now it’s time to return the compliment for the sacrifices they made.

World War I saw more 138,000 Indian troops – many of them Sikh – take to the fields of Belgium and France.

This month in 1915 saw the bloody exchanges of the battle of Neuve Chapelle.

In all, four-fifths of Sikh regiments suffered casualties in the war with only one sixth of their original strength left.

Now we have the chance to duly recognise the efforts of those brave men – by supporting the erection of a permanent monument in Central London to highlight and commemorate their actions and appalling losses.

I’m am right behind an House of Commons early day motion – sponsored by Ealing Southall MP Virendra Sharma – which has the support of 49 MPs across all political persuasions.

Let’s see that dream of a statue in their memory turn into reality  . . .  their incredible contribution must live on in a tangible form.

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