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Plans for better communications with local Sikh and Hindu community

January 7, 2015

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Engaging with the Sikh and Hindu community in Walsall was the subject of a ‘highly productive’ meeting at Shree Ram Mandir temple in Pleck recently.

Sue Arnold, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Walsall South, along with other local politicians and senior members of the Asian community outlined the challenging issues which directly affected good communications and relationships between the groups.
Discussion ensued on problem areas but highlighted positive resolutions to increase involvement among the different and diverse groups in Walsall to the benefit of all.
Agreement was made on future actions to unite the groups and create better understanding thus leading to increased co-operation all round. It was also decided that meeting would be on-going with shared input and collaboration.
Sue Arnold said: “The meeting was excellent and we aired and laid bare many of the issues that create tensions and misunderstanding among the various groups.
“What was obvious was that all of these can be resolved by open debate and positive and joint action between us. We look forward to further meetings and increased understanding.”
Among those attending were the Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for Perry Barr (Charlotte Hodivala) and Edgbaston (Dr. Luke Evans), Councillor Adrian Andrew (Pheasey), and Mukesh Naker, Communications Officer for British Hindu Voice.

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