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We’re determined to make sure that our roads don’t go to pot

April 3, 2013
HOLE LOT OF TROUBLE: Floods and ice have taken their toll on the district's roads

HOLE LOT OF TROUBLE: Floods and ice have taken their toll on the district’s roads

MY cabinet colleagues and I on Lichfield District Council have been keeping a keen eye on the effect the arctic weather has had on life and limb throughout our area.

Apart from the number one priority of ensuring every one of our citizens is warm and fed in their homes during the coldest winter for half a century – we’ve also been monitoring the thousands of miles of district roads.

In particular, we’ve seen a massive increase in weather damage to carriageways.

Now our vigilance has paid off as highway crews in Staffordshire are taking advantage of school holidays to tackle weather-related potholes.
Crews are now repairing more than 300 per week in a bid to clear backlog of defects.

In the run up to the Easter weekend the crews managed to repair more than 60 potholes and road defects on one day alone

In the first part of the year, more than 4,000 potholes were reported compared to around 2,800 for the same time last year.

Ian Turner, Staffordshire County Council’s head of highways operations, said: “Flooding, snow and icy conditions have really taken their toll on the roads and that’s why we have stepped up our efforts.

“We have already repaired 1,000 more than we did at the start of 2012 and our teams are tackling as many potholes as possible – but it is an on-going challenge.

“Hopefully the Easter school holidays should mean roads will be quieter and will allow us to tackle even more with the minimum of disruption.”

The county council is investing a further £500,000 to help clear the backlog of weather-related potholes and defects.

Twenty crews will now be working, weather permitting, on repairing the worst potholes.

Drivers can also help by taking extra care as snow and ice thaws and by passing potholes slowly until a repair can be carried out.

Over the next few weeks the plan is to focus on getting back on track on pothole repairs, demonstrating to residents the efforts being made and reporting back to you when a complaint is dealt with.

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