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Shaken and stirred by an upbeat start to tomorrow’s solid citizens

March 20, 2013

THE rock-solid outcome will be watching the solid citizens for tomorrow’s world growing today.

But, I suppose, you couldn’t have asked for a “shakier” start to my first big initiative in the role of Staffordshire’s deputy police and crime commissioner.

For the roll-out of the county’s new Young Police Cadets Service was launched in a rather bizarre but upbeat way – with a YouTube video.

As the Latin music brought the 42-second movie clip to life – young wannabe cadets were captured body-popping to the latest internet craze.

The Harlem Shake – like the Hokey-cokey, Twist, Hustle, Macarena, Lambada and even The Ketchup Song before it – has sparked a global sensation since the first video was posted last month of a group in Australia dancing along to a track by Brooklyn-based DJ Baauer. It’s been a billion-viewing epic.

The dance routine was just the ticket to appeal to the county’s youth as the first 14 and 15-year-olds in Staffordshire start signing up for this new service to the community.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the most unusual start to anything I’ve ever been associated with in my entire business and political career.

It was great fun and the scheme offers a unique opportunity for young people to develop social and leadership skills as well as helping with their self esteem, motivation and confidence.



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