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Warming winter advice and a tip that’s definitely snow joke

January 23, 2013


IT may be winter outside – but in our heart it’s spring.

That’s the warming message being sent out by a determined band of caring agencies across Lichfield’s boundaries.

Partners are battling to keep the Big Chill at bay – by supporting “those most in need,”  according to Lichfield District Council.

The local authority is using funds from the government-backed Warmer Homes, Healthy People scheme to help the borough’s residents through the winter of 2012-13.

The initiative offers advice and home visits to all eligible households including the over 60s, homes containing a person with a disability and families with young children on a low income.

It’s open to home owners as well as people living in private rented accommodation.

And some 1,500 residents – who receive either an assisted bin collection, meals on wheels or other identified services – have been specifically targeted to be made aware of the scheme.

Subject to eligibility, the project offers help with:

  • emergency boiler repairs or boiler replacements for vulnerable households
  • insulation
  • a home energy advice visit
  • a winter technician so people remain in their own home
  • free temporary heater loan
  • advice on paying fuel bills
  • full benefit entitlement checks
  • health and well being advice

To receive advice residents are being asked to contact our Warmer Homes Greener District Advice line 0800 677 1543.

While on the subject of the arctic conditions, here’s a handy tip for you menfolk – which just might save a life.

It comes from a GP of nearly 40 years – and is aimed at the ladies of the house when they start to nag their other halves over shovelling the snow away.

He advises taking extra special precautions before rushing to oblige.

1) Cover your mouths with a scarf in this extreme cold, especially after lunch time as men are extremely susceptible to heart attacks.

2) Cold temperatures cause arteries to tighten, restricting blood flow and reducing the oxygen supply to the heart, all of which can set the stage for a heart attack.

3) In cold weather, there is more oxygen demand by the heart because it is working harder to do the work and maintain body heat.

Gentlemen, you have been warned . . .

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