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Three cheers for Chris and Tory-led Coalition as we reach half-way house

January 11, 2013

THEY said it wouldn’t last but a ‘marriage made in a rose garden’ – the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition government of 2010 – is still on course, half-way through its official five-year term.

And Prime Minister David Cameron is right to give an upbeat assessment of Britain’s economic progress since that historic day back in 2010.

In a review published on Monday afternoon of the Coalition government’s progress halfway through its parliamentary term, Mr Cameron reasserted that deficit reduction remained the key goal while promising new policies in the coming weeks on infrastructure and housing investment, childcare, mortgages, personal freedom, pensions and social care.

“Some people thought our coalition wouldn’t make it through our first Christmas, but this government is now well into its third year, because this Coalition was not and is not some short-term arrangement,” said Mr Cameron.

“It is a serious five-year commitment to give our country strong, stable and determined leadership that we need for the long term.”

Hear, hear . . . and we’re in a much better place, and know exactly what has to be done, than we did before this unexpected political partnership got together.

One thing’s for sure – there’s no fudging of how much sacrifice is needed to reach the other side.

And while on the subject of cementing the future, I am delighted that Tamworth’s Conservative Party members have re-selected Chris Pincher MP to represent the constituency in the 2015 General Election.

We may be only half way through getting the job done but party members voted unanimously for Mr Pincher to continue campaigning for Tamworth.

VOTE OF CONFIDENCE: Chris Pincher's man for 2015 job

VOTE OF CONFIDENCE: Chris Pincher’s man for 2015 job

Mr Pincher said: “It is a great privilege to be the Member of Parliament for Tamworth constituency and I’m honoured to be asked again by Tamworth Conservative Association to be its candidate at the next General Election. For the last two and a half years I’ve done my best to represent local people and help them.”

Trevor Soult, the local Conservative Party chairman, said: “Christopher Pincher has been an outstanding MP.

“Many in Tamworth and the surrounding areas have reason to be grateful for the help he has given them and he fully deserves to be given the chance to carry on the good work.”

Mr Pincher will be defending a majority of 6,090 at the General Election, planned for Thursday May 5, 2015.

I say ‘three cheers’ for Chris and the Coalition as we reach half-way house. The job’s half done and as an optimist our economy under the Tories is half full, not half empty.

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