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Ice busters initiative will be fresh ‘as-salt’ on villages’ arctic blast

January 11, 2013


UNSEASONAL temperatures have lulled us into believing spring was just around the corner – but forecasters are warning a ‘Big Freeze’ is on the way.

And if this morning is anything to go by, then the Met Office predictions of a nasty blast from Scandinavia are spot on.

Arctic conditions are set to hit the Lichfield and Tamworth areas over the next week, with some reports suggesting we’re in for a month of misery.

Temperatures will plummet, with the chance of sleet and snow flurries as early as Saturday morning.

According to the Met Office, temperatures could dip as low as -5C on Sunday night. Brrr . . .

Emergency agencies have issued the usual weather-warning messages to motorists to take it steady on the roads but villagers worried about a lack of grit on their paths and pavements should take note that an alternative ‘ice-busters initiative’ IS available.

Clifton Parish Council raised the issue of grit bins for the winter and the refusal for two particular areas of their village that didn’t meet the qualification criteria.

Well help is at hand with an alternative method to protect paths and vulnerable walkways during the winter months which is FREE for all parishes.

To find out about the Ice Busters Initiative, any parish council or community group can email or telephone 01543 510162

  • l They will supply a backpack/spray unit of brine solution which is more effective than grit.
  • l There is no insurance liability and you cannot be held responsible for any legal implications
  • l Re-fills are available from Highways area yard in Trent valley (no charge)
  • l This is a simple procedure and there is no complex qualifying criteria reminiscent of salt boxes!

Below is the link to the web site for full details, all you need is a designated person/s from a community group to participate and details of storage (although the fluid is safe to store)

I can be contacted on 07990 553938 or follow me on Twitter: @haselour

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