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I’m your new deputy for crime and still right behind you on home front

November 30, 2012
HOWDY PARTNER: Matthew Ellis welcomes me as his new deputy police and crime commissioner for Staffordshire

HOWDY PARTNER: Matthew Ellis welcomes me as his new deputy police and crime commissioner for Staffordshire

My feet have literally not touched the ground lately and for once it has nothing to do with those raised arches of mine!

I ‘m bursting to get going on another new job which I’m certain will make a difference to not just the wonderful communities I serve in the Mease & Tame ward of Lichfield district but a much wider audience of no fewer than 1.3 million people.

Yes, that’s my latest ‘batch’ of constituents now I’m being prepared for the new role of Staffordshire’s Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner.

The appointment is being proposed by new Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Ellis – elected earlier this month when the whole nation went to polls for the first time to vote in this vital new role – and will be discussed at the county’s inaugural Police and Crime Panel meeting on Monday, December 17.

Stafford will be my part-time ‘home’ in the new year as the new PCC department takes shape determined to make a difference to all our lives – putting our police officers back on the frontline in terms of public visibility by freeing them up from burdensome bureaucracy and processes to do what they were trained for. . . catching criminals, cutting crime and making Staffordshire safer.

In the 18 months I’ve been your local councillor, I hope you’ve realised I do have a strong drive and total commitment to hard work, linked to a straight-forward, no-nonsense approach to everything I do.

I’ve spent 30 years successfully building up and developing businesses, acting as an ambassador and champion to companies and local communities alike.

Can I pull this job in as well, I hear you say? Well, I’ve come this far and don’t intend to leave you to your own devices.

I can assure you I’ll still be right behind you, sorting out all those local issues which sometimes turn into little problems.

If you’ve got anything you think I should be dealing with – then just give me a call.

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