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‘Stay Smart to keep burglars at bay’

March 30, 2012


 VILLAGERS in Mease Valley are being urged to do     water-ever it takes” to keep crime out of their countryside communities.

A call to “redouble the effort” has been sounded by Lichfield councillor Sue Arnold who is spearheading the anti-burglary campaign in her district.

The Mease & Tame representative wants her villages to “stay Smart” to ensure criminals give the area a wide berth.

And the security-conscious campaign – which began six months ago with a special joint parish meeting at Harlaston Village Hall – has already had a terrific response from the public, she says.

Parish councils and Neighbourhood Watch teams in Mease Valley, backed by police and other crime reduction partners, rolled out a leaflet campaign to inform villagers about the discounted SmartWater Strategy project – used in many areas across Staffordshire.

SmartWater is a product which can be used to invisibly mark all treasured possessions such as jewellery and expensive TVs, electrical goods and mobile phones. In the event of these being stolen and recovered, police use the unique mark left by SmartWater to return the goods to their rightful owner and, hopefully, bring the criminal to justice.




“We wanted the whole area to embrace this project which was designed to make criminals think twice about targeting homes and other properties in the parishes of Clifton Campville, Edingdale, Elford, Harlaston and Wigginton & Hopwas” she said.

”And it’s working. In one village alone, some 50 residents have taken up the project since the campaign started.

“That’s fantastic, but we mustn’t become complacent in the fight against crime. I would urge all residents who haven’t taken up the offer to get in touch with their relevant co-ordinators for their village.

The contacts are:




Harlaston: Diane Spalding on 01827 383445 or email ;




Elford: Jane Batchelor on 01827 383727 or email;




Clifton Campville:


Helen Elliott at;




Edingale: Becky Delderfield on 01827 383533 or email

The Mease & Tame district councillor believes it is her “public duty” to persuade villagers to have SmartWater in their homes in order to create “strong, safe and proud communities, by reducing crime and the FEAR of crime”.

The product has achieved phenomenal results in combating crime in other parts of the country with up to a 93 per cent reduction in domestic burglary and in Staffordshire up to a 77 per cent cut in school burglary and 59 per cent in vehicle theft.




The SmartWater kits – which are deigned to mark and protect four bedroomed properties – are still on offer to the Mease Valley parishioners at a massive two-thirds saving, costing just £20 instead of the normal price of £60.




Some of the parishes may be in a position to cut that £20 price tag still further, added Councillor Arnold.




If you want to get in touch with Councillor Sue Arnold for any reason, then email or call 01827 383886






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