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In Clifton I picked up where I left off in Fradley!

March 6, 2012

In Clifton I picked up where I left off in Fradley!


L-R 'Costa Coffee', Sue Arnold, Steve Plimmer, David Lodge, Archie and George Plimmer.

Saturday turned out to be day where I couldn’t pick, let alone choose, to put my feet up!

It was another breathtakingly busy day. After attending the local Lichfield Tory conference at Fradley village hall (super venue and a credit to the committee), which finished at 1.30pm, I hot footed over to Clifton Campville to join a real dedicated community in their annual ‘Litter Pick-Up’. 

Bob and Eve Patchett once again hosted the event and there was a wonderful turn-out from young and old alike. We were also graced with our local Police Community Safety Officer Costas Karpi (affectionately known in the Mease & Tame as ‘Costa Coffee’.)

 Of all the parishes I have the pleasure of representing;Cliftonis one with a really pro-active bunch of people. They epitomise what community is all about.

 They rewarded their numerous helpers with a wonderful cream tea and hot dogs for the children . . .most welcome after tramping the streets for a couple of hours.

 My partner in crime (or should I say trash) was the wonderful David Lodge who contributes so much to the village. His knowledge of the local environment is second to none.

It’s also nice to get to know your neighbours a little better and an event such as this allows you to chat while you work!

 So far the Keep Britain Tidy campaign has collected over 102,000 bags and I am proud to have done my bit for the crusade.





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